Our Staff



Sports Director<br />ryan@youthincorporated.org

Since starting with Youth Incorporated in 2007, Ryan has had his hands in almost every program Youth Incorporated has to offer.  At the age of 17, Ryan came to Youth Incorporated as a camp counselor and program facilitator at the ropes course.  In the summers following 2007 Ryan found himself returning to Camp YI to work as a waterfront lifeguard and boat driver, until he left the waterfront to head up the new Camp Crafts activity introduced in 2011, which he created.

Ryan transitioned to the athletic side of the organization when he started running the concession stand for Youth Incorporated Jr. Pro Basketball.  During this time he also created and implemented a Youth Diabetes Education and Awareness Program for the youth athletes in the program.

When a position came available in the Youth Incorporated Inline Hockey Program, Ryan was able to join the organization as a full-time employee in 2015.  Since taking over the program Ryan has helped to develop a parent advisory board to give the parents of the young players the ability to give their input into the league.  He has also worked very closely with the Nashville Predators to build a relationship between the NHL team and Youth Incorporated.



Camp Director<br />campyidirector@gmail.com

Kim started at Youth Incorporated as a young camper in Camp YI’s youngest girls cabin, Cabin 1.  After her first summer she always returned to Camp YI until she was no longer old enough to be a camper.  It was at time that Kim found herself employed by Youth Incorporated for the first time.  Kim was a counselor at Camp YI for several of her early adult years.

Kim Returned to Camp YI when she was able to bring her son, Taylor Hutchison, for his first day of camp.  Like his mother, Taylor also spent several of his early adult years returning to Camp YI in the summer to be a counselor.

When an opening became available in 2006 Kim was able to return to Youth Incorporated as a full-time employee when she took the position of Camp Director.  In her over 10 years with Youth Incorporated, Kim has been able to grow and improve Camp YI in many ways.


Executive Director<br />andy@youthincorporated.org

  Andy started with Youth Incorporated in 1972.  A counselor and boat driver at the time, Andy spent two full summers at Youth Incorporated’s Camp YI.  After graduating College, Andy went on to work for Tennessee State Parks.  Andy had a very successful 36 year career with the Park Service, until he was able to retire in 2011 as an Assistant Commissioner for Tennessee State Parks.

It was this retirement that brought Andy back to Youth Incorporated.  His retirement aligned with an opening for an Executive Director at Youth Incorporated.  Andy’s love for the organization and fond memories of his time as a counselor made him jump at the opportunity.  In 2011 Andy was hired as the Executive Director of Youth Incorporated.  Since joining the crew Andy has been able to raise over $450,000 for Youth Incorporated, through grants and donations.